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​You'll find a variety of different articles to help you. Take a look around. I've taken the liberty of creating what I call the Relationship Journey. I split all the information basically in 3 groups. Dating, Married, and Divorced or Healing and trying to get back out there. Find your area today.

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About Mario Rivers

Relationship and Life Coach, Author, Founder of Relationship Resolutions University, Podcaster, Blogger, Speaker

I hate boring stories, and I think mine is, but so many people have told me otherwise, so I guess I'll share it. I've served in the United States Navy since 1999 and still currently serving. Released my first book on Valentine's Day on February 2016, Started a blog, and a podcast, and here I am. Of course there's more to the story, but that's the short version... Read the full story here…

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