Divorced? Heartbroken? Don't know how to start again? Learn how to start over with specific tips and strategies!

Get the checklist to make sure you're not making relationship mistakes and start it off on the right foot! Watch the video then Scroll down below to get some specific tips, resources, and strategies! I want to help you mend the broken heart and pick up the pieces to move forward in your life! Allow me to guide you by clicking that button. Go ahead...click that button!

Tips and guidance to help you mend the broken pieces, and put your life back together with purpose!

If you've been currently divorced, or broken hearted, and you're still reeling from your past hurts, I can help you to overcome your hurts, start fresh, and deal with the letdown of a relationship. Then I'll teach you how to start again. Start your journey towards the healing and rebuilding process. I have different resources and articles for you to read, videos for you to watch, and podcasts for you to listen to. I'm always adding more resources to help you. Your journey starts below.

 Need steps or guidance to help you start the healing process? 

Read this complete rundown on 5 specific steps you can use to not only heal, but break through stronger than ever!

Are you stuck on the why? Are you still wondering why it didn't work?

Read this article for some clarity on learning how to cope and deal with the letdown of a relationship, and how you can shift your mindset.

Does it seem like when something can go wrong, it always does?

I know the feeling and I've been there. Read this short article for some tips on how to Deal with your Frustrations in your relationship. 

Free Resource Guides! Get the top tools and methods for recovering from past hurts!

Starting over is hard but with these strategies you'll be ready to get back to experiencing life in no time! I put together some freebies that are going to help you get ahead of the game. It includes some infographics with special tips to get you started!  

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We absolutely love to give away free resources!

Check out these downloadable free resources I've created just for you to move past your relationship pains, and learn not only how to start fresh, but how to build the right way. All you have to do is click the button. Easy right?

5 Steps to Overcome Hurts and Start Fresh

This quick infographic shows 5 quick steps to the healing process. Also explains a little more in depth for each step.

Failed Relationships PDF 

Totally conquer your worry, hurt, fear and pain with 6 tips to help you cope, and the Amazing 5 Mindset Shifts.

I'll be adding more tools to the swipe file to help with the process!

Sign up for the Free 4-Part Video Series!

Learn where to start, how to mend the broken pieces, and how to come back even stronger!

This course is absolutely essential to starting you down the right path. To learn more information about it, you can find below everything that's included in the course!

Building the Foundation is essential to your journey, especially since you'll be heading back out there to date once you've healed.

Our excellent multiple part video course series will get you started on the path to greatness. It's free! Enroll above. There is a free downloadable workbook included with the course, and you can follow along while you go through each video in the series. Because you're dealing with something that can be fixed in relationships, it's essential and absolutely necessary that you go through the course so you will be better prepared when you do step back out there!

Free Workbook included with the course!

We teach you step-by-step foundations when it comes to dealing with heartbreak, starting over (which can be difficult after a broken heart), and how to deal with these "new" bachelors. Here's what we teach.

 4 Videos that break down different areas

Video 1 What you’ll learn...

  • Getting focused on How to Find Who and What you Want
  • Setting boundaries you won’t cross (based on where you’re at)
  • The equality factor- making sure you’re on an even playing field

Resources you’ll get

  • Goals Worksheet
  • Building the Foundation Workbook

Video 2A What you’ll learn...

  • We’re going to go over 4 Key Questions to Ask 
  • 3 Major Key areas to Focus on 
  • 1.Conversational Skills and Tone 
  • 2.First Impressions 
  • 3.Setting Boundaries

Video 2B What you’ll learn...

  • The easy way to Increase Communication
  • 7 Key Areas to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level
  • The Quarterly Relationship Assessment (QRA)

Video 3 What you’ll learn...

  • Preventive MaintenanceTips 
  • 5 Tips to Prevent Infidelity in your relationship
  • 11 Core Concepts to Relationship Building
  • The 3 Stages of Getting to Know Someone and the fundamental questions those stages answer
  • 5 Things to Avoid when Making the Decision to Commit Long Term
  • 3 Things to Keep in Mind for the Future

 Build your Foundation today!

Explore my other stuff.

In addition to all the resources and training we offer, I go even more in-depth with additional resources. Scroll down to check them all out!

Check out my books, and my signature course!

These books and courses will help you through whatever hurt, pain or worry you've been through. I've released my book, and it is complimentary to my Signature Course, The RRSC. I also have written a few guidebooks to help you along your journey! Check them all out below! Help your healing process along. 

The Truth: The Blueprint to Relationships

This book has 11 chapters and discusses in detail what building and keeping a relationship is all about. It goes over the Basics, Standards, the truth about good men, confidence and attitude, and much more! 

(paperback + eBook)

Relationship Resolution Signature Course (RRSC)

This course is the premiere training tool that helps you create, build, and maintain a successful relationship. It's a 4-week self-paced online learning experience. You get my book The Truth with the course, along with many other tools, resources, downloads, videos and worksheets. Enroll today!

Relationship Resolution Guidebooks 1,2 and 3 + The Truth eBook!

These guidebooks highlight a number of different specific issues. In each guidebook, it tackles things like Why People Cheat or Have affairs and how to avoid it, 10 Reasons guys go for Friends with Benefits, and more! Plus you get the eBook of The Truth!

I'm looking forward to partnering with you to create your better future!

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