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Learn Tools, Methods, Tips and Strategies to Make a Complete Transformation in  4 weeks!

My name is Mario Rivers, and I'm your Relationship and Life Coach, and Motivational Coach. I am the founder of Relationship Resolutions University, where I host my signature course, The Relationship Resolutions Signature Course. I'll tell you a bit more about it....

Find out what works for you! Check out our easy pay options! Get a Downloadable PDF of the full pricing guide! 

I want you to be comfortable with whatever you choose to invest in. Download our pricing guide and see what works for you! See you in the course. You're a rockstar! I want to be transparent and you should know how much you'll need to invest. Check it out!

Learn How to Crush it in Your Relationship using my Step-by-Step Course

You can get the life and the relationship you deserve today, and I'm glad you're here!

Have you ever had an argument with your spouse, and it just made the whole day turn out bad? Do you wonder why guys can't be real and keep it 100% with you?

If you're single...

Here's what you've been telling me... I want to find a man who wants only me... trust is a big issue, I've been hurt so much I don't know if I can trust again. I'm struggling to find someone who understands me... I want to find someone who doesn't lie or cheat... Its difficult to get anyone to even go on a date. When I do get a date its more of an interview. 

I have a problem getting them to want to be in a relationship and not just for a hookup...

If you're committed or married...

I hear your concerns... you wonder how you can get him to show you affection consistently... you worry about finding the time to manage work and spending time together, and having different love languages... communication is a huge factor...

I hear you tell me your partner doesn't do the things they used to do...

Your solution is here...

The Relationship Resolution Signature Course will teach you how to cover all those pain points...Here's what the course is...

A Proven Step-by-Step System for Growing Your Relationship for less than you would pay eating out for 5 days and buying lattes at Starbucks.

There are 96 million people who are single. And those aren't the only people who have relationship issues. About 50% of the married population get divorces after getting married! Everyone wants to know the key to having a great relationship.

Imagine if you had a roadmap to drastically increase peace in your life.

How do you have a better relationship? You have a guide, and you follow the steps and complete the exercises throughout the course.

You'll learn step-by-step how to create and build a strong foundation...​

In the Relationship Resolutions Signature Course, you'll learn...

  • Learn how men think
  • Learn how to navigate the current dating scene
  • Learn where to look, what to expect, how to get your point across effectively, and the "lingo" guys use to win you over
  • Learn how to keep that flame lit in your current relationship and a fun communication tactic!
  • Learn how to stop wasting your precious time and more!

you'll also learn...

  • How to avoid going through years of couples counseling which can get expensive
  • Avoiding divorce in the future
  • How to improve communication with your parnter
  • Where to meet viable candidates
  • How to say what you want without coming on too strong
  • How to figure out what a person really wants from you...and more!
  • Here is what you'll get Instant Access to:

    Training Modules that go over different aspects of relationship building along with video lessons, PDF downloads, checklists, downloadable worksheets throughout the course

    • Bonus training videos on several different topics
    • Cheat Sheets and FREE Lifetime Access to the course!
    • Laying out life goals like career, ambition and drive
    • Build up growth and focus with the goals worksheet and the Building the Foundations workbook

    Here is some of what Module 2 covers...

    • The Quarterly Relationship Assessment to measure the growth of your relationship, have a mini-vacation and resolve issues all at the same time!
    • Includes the Prelude to Relationships Worksheet which helps in the direction of partner selection, and this module has several strategies to teach you how to get your point across in an effective way with men

    Module 3...The Basics

    • includes The Basics checkpoints infographic (3 Key Areas to First Impressions)
    •  goes over the 11 core concepts to relationship building checklist, and much, much more!

    There are 11 modules in the course and some bonuses there, plus I am your personal accountability partner and I check in with you each week to make sure you're hitting your goals!

You'll also get access to me at least twice a week when I jump in the course to answer your comments directly, and in the Private Facebook Community I've put together just for my students!

Investing in the RRSC and in your life... Your Return on Investment Broken Down

11 Modules

You've got the best of our tools which took over 4 years to build and develop, plus 2 bonus modules

You Save Time

Instead of stumbling where others have, you'll save time by being ahead of the game. We all know time is money, and its something you can't get back. 

Tailored Instruction

You're receiving quality education and we are constantly updating the course when we get feedback from you about what you want to learn about, so we've got you covered.

Lifetime Access and ongoing support in the Facebook Private Community!

And Don't Forget...You Have Nothing to Lose...

The course Comes With a

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

And now, get my Book The Truth: Blueprint to Relationships FREE with the course when you enroll!

The book lays out a blueprint and guide in several different areas...

Here is an overview of what the book discusses.

  • The Introduction and Prelude to Relationships– lays out the groundwork and different types of people there are. If you can recognize what type you are, you’ll be able to make a better selection, and maybe work on areas you might not be so strong in.
  • The Basics- basically about being a gentleman, and if you're a lady, having some class.
  • The Good Man- probably the most insightful chapter. This reveals the truth about a good man, what to expect, and how to deal with him.
  • The Strong Woman, Baggage Claim, Sex and Intimacy, Confidence and Attitude, and much more!

What is the Relationship Resolution Signature Course (RRSC)?

It is a 3 to 4 week self-paced online course designed to teach you how to get results and improve your current relationship, or build a brand new one from the pool of eligible bachelors.

Just learned more about the Relationship Resolutions Signature Course! Check it out!

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If you're tired of being lies to, manipulated, and tired of going through the same motions with the same results, you can...

  • solve your problem by taking the RRSC with tools like...
  • The QRA (Quarterly Relationship Assessment) Worksheet
  • Checklists, downloads, and downloadable worksheets from the course

You don't have to be alone anymore, and you don't have to struggle in your relationship. The RRSC is your solution.

And I would love to be your personal guide. See you in the course!

We also have excellent flexible payment plans!

There are even more easy pay options! Get a Downloadable PDF of the full pricing guide! Or click one of the plans below!

I want you to be comfortable with whatever you choose to invest in. Download our pricing guide and see what works for you! See you in the course. You're a rockstar!


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We are ready to help!

We Guarantee Your Money Back if the course isn't right for you!

Yolanda N.Business Owner and Entrepreneur
Good morning, I hope all is well! I have not started your course; however, you have forever impacted my life. Thank you for being a puzzle piece in my life. I am a woman of worth and I am focused on my mission of becoming and maintaining as a Proverbs:31 woman! I am peeking interest in a new man. So I am going for the goal. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, continue to empower women and help us identify the Queen in us! Blessings for you and your family in abundance!!!”

Messages like this are the reason I do what I do. I’m dedicated to helping you win and I’m positive that you can get there with my Relationship Resolutions Signature Course. And if I can get results for Yolanda and she hasn't even taken my course yet, imagine what this program could do for you!

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