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If you're on the go a lot, during your commute to and from work, at the gym, or just at home cleaning or doing chores, you can listen to all the podcasts on a slew of different topics, and even download the audio files, transcripts, and more. I also have just started coming out with Facebook Live Sessions, where I record the audio for you to download as well. You can sign up to get updates sent directly to you whenever I release new episodes. Sign up here.

Video Gallery

I usually try to create video lessons for each blog post or podcast I release, because some people consume information better through videos. If that's you, I got you. Check out the video gallery for lessons on a bunch of different topics! Look around and find something of value to you! Visit the Video Gallery

Learn more about the Relationship Resolutions Signature Course!

So many people have asked me about the course, I just decided to create a page with a lot more detailed information on my signature course. Plus there are pricing guides, and bonus guides to help you choose what works best for you. Learn more about the course that can literally change your life and the way you approach relationships! Learn more about the RRSC!

Free Downloadable Resources and Guides!

Are you ready to start dating again? Or are you struggling to find that special someone? Ready to strengthen your relationship? Want to improve communication or get your partner to better understand you? Divorced or heartbroken? Don't know how to start again? Learn how with specific tips no matter where you are on your journey to a better life. Check out this page to download these free resource guides to get you through the toughest spots in relationships! Get my Free Downloads!

Contact Us and Learn More About Me!

If you want to work with me for speaking at conferences, personal counseling, or to learn more about my story, how I started down this path, and where I'm going, you can check this page out. It also includes a downloadable one sheet with information on my schedule and fees for speaking.

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Thanks for checking out this page and my website! I truly appreciate you and hope I can provide immense value to you. Let's partner to create your amazing future success in life, and relationships!

I've also got a Brand New Course for you to experience...Transition to Triumph!

Transition to Triumph is a 12-Week Course where I take you from not knowing what people really want from you, and how to balance it all, life, kids, work and a relationship, but starting with this transition is the way you deal with relationships! Just Click the picture below to learn more about it, and then sign up for it. Course has already launched but you can sign up any time! This is a $297 value for FREE!

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