6 Questions to Ask Before Jumping in Relationships

6 Things Every Single Person Should Know

1.WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE? I asked this question because lots of us don’t even know what we want out of life. So how can we have any direction on what we want or who we want if we don’t even know what that is?

2.WHAT DO YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP? After finding out what you want in life, this next question becomes easier to answer. If you want a God fearing guy, then you probably won’t choose the dude with all the tattoos and no home training. If you want a bad boy, then you probably won’t choose the guy who’s a square. There are so many who don’t care. They just don’t want to be alone, so they choose the person who’s showing them attention at the moment. So you have to ask yourself this question. It will be a whole lot harder for someone to come in and sell you a dream once you find the answer to this one.

3.WHAT ARE 3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL MATE? It’s always good to want good characteristics from your mate. A lot of us often live in the “fairytale world” of our ideas, and what we want things to be, instead of living in the present world of “what is.” This is why we get upset and disappointed when the other person doesn’t meet those expectations of what they think a person should be. A person will never be able to meet that standard. Take the blinders off and see a person for what and who they really are.

4.WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS? The answers to the first 3 questions may reveal even though a person may be "delicious," we probably don’t need to waste time with them. "I’ll just ignore those red flags." I have to take a chance on love to win right? We disregard signs right off, and we still go through with it because we "want it." I’ve done it; we all have done it even when we knew the person didn’t have our best interest in mind, or may not have been the one for us.You know what you don’t want. Figure this out and DON’T choose the guy with those qualities. Don’t ignore those "red flags."

5.WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS? Find out what drives you, what makes you happy, what makes you smile, and make sure the person who is currently courting or pursuing you has those traits. Make sure to focus on these things in a person. Positive attitudes breed positive results.

6.AM I READY FOR SOMETHING LONG TERM? A lot of us ask for someone special, and when they cross our paths, we aren’t ready. We might have extra baggage, insecurities, or attitude problems. Make sure you’re ready to be tied down, otherwise enjoy dating and stop looking for something serious. In my book "The Truth: Keepin’ it 100" I talk about starting with a fresh clean slate, and leaving your baggage out of a new relationship in chapter 7, "Baggage Claim."

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Sometimes we move too fast when dating or searching for the right one. But these are 6 questions that can really help narrow your focus, and make sure you're prepared to move forward with a relationship.

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    • The Introduction and Prelude to Relationships– lays out the groundwork and different types of people there are. If you can recognize what type you are, you’ll be able to make a better selection, and maybe work on areas you might not be so strong in.
    • The Basics- basically about being a gentleman, and if you're a lady, having some class.
    • Standards- set some realistic expectations before you start, and hold the person accountable to those standards, but don't overdo it.
    • The Good Man- probably the most insightful chapter. This reveals the truth about a good man, what to expect, and how to deal with him.
    • The Strong Woman- self-assessing and looking in the mirror to make yourself a stronger woman.
    • Baggage Claim– anything extra our past experiences have placed on us that might make us bitter, or make it hard for us to trust.
    • Sex and Intimacy– examines the best practices and things you may not have thought of about what intimacy is, and how you can implement it in your relationship.
    • Confidence and Attitude– develop your swag. The opposite sex notices.
    • The Round Table– social media and its effects on relationships, who you should confide in about your relationship, and other various topics that need to be addressed.
    • Graduation– learning to conquer all your insecurities and moving forward to triumph in your relationship. Focusing on the things that matter most.

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