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The Truth: Keeping It 100 - The Blueprint to Relationships by Mario Rivers is an intelligent book for those who want to develop deep and meaningful relationships and learn how to make them last. In the heart of the book is the powerful message that truth saves, that it simplifies things, and creates the foundation on which trust is built.

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Yolanda N. Business owner and Entrepreneur

If I stay up til' 2am to finish a book, it’s a must read. However if you are not ready for the truth, stay out of his book by Mario Rivers. I have not started your course; however you have impacted my life. Thank you for being a puzzle piece in my life.

Michelle M. Author, Songwriter, Gospel Artist

Mario's book gives straight street and real advice from a man's perspective. Disclaimer: For Grown Folks Only. It reminds me of Steve Harvey's rules and advice (although I haven't read Mr. Harvey's books yet ) from watching Steve's movie, "Act Like A Lady,Think Like A Man". Mario gives sound advice to the ladies, mostly young singles and shares his own testimonies. It was a really enjoyable read that I recommended to my girlfriends and guy relative and recommend to anyone in a relationship or women waiting on their spouse.

Armetrice H. Engineer and Navy Sailor

This was a great book to read. It was fun and had a lot of those moments where you go "Hey I see that all the time". I like how he compares his own experiences and shares that of what he has seen friends do. You KNOW some of the things he talks about but its different seeing it written this way. His point of view is excellent and I suggest reading and sharing his books. Go ahead and laugh at the Ratchet Chick, but you just might learn something.

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